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Transition to Parenthood Coaching

Preparing parents-to-be for their biggest project yet.

Choose this great support for your talented and ambitious parents-to-be.

Cheerful Pregnant Woman

This is the right thing to do.

  • You want to ensure that you give the best support to your organisation's mothers and fathers-to-be.

  • There isn't always adequate support available at work, because of the following reasons:

    • a workforce with little experience of parenthood

    • few other parents

    • virtual working 

    • little understanding of maternity or parental leave policies



Transition to Parenthood Coaching brings calm and organisation to your professionals and peace of mind and support to you.


What support do we give?

Transition to Parenthood Coaching Programme

This programme of coaching is designed to help expectant or new working parents successfully manage their journey to parenthood in the context of their professional lives. Working with Lucy  will help ease the transition and provide valuable support throughout the process.

How does it work?
This is a highly personal programme of 3-5 sessions of confidential executive coaching. It is designed to support high-achieving individuals as they consider all key aspects of a successful and confident journey into parenthood. Sessions are 90 minutes long and can be delivered face-to-face or virtually.


Taking Care of a Baby

Coaching Objectives

The objectives of the programme are determined entirely by the particular challenges or questions of the individual, with an emphasis on achieving seamless transition to parental leave and back into the workplace. Elements of the coaching programme might include career planning, delegation and handover, self-confidence support, reducing anxiety, time management and prioritisation, wellbeing, and 'getting ready.'

When should the coaching sessions start?
In order to maximise the level of support that coaching can offer to an expectant parent, I recommend that you start the programme no later than two months before the due date or adoption date, and no earlier than five months before.

The programme includes:

- Initial 30 minute chemistry meeting with Lucy

- Setting clear objectives for coaching outcome
- 3 - 5 sessions of 90 minute coaching to be taken at any point from four months pregnant or four months before adoption date to six months following return to work.
- One 90 minute Return to Work planning session

Happy Family

Transition to Parenthood Coaching is the right choice for ethical, inclusive and caring organisations.

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